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Website design, website development, social media and online marketing - Atlanta, GA USA
Website design, website development, social media and online marketing - Atlanta, GA USA

Website Design and Development

Apex Atlanta provides technology and design solutions at every level:

Website Design
Our website design services include overall layout planning, graphic design, theme design, graphic design, logo integration and image programming.

Website Development
Expert and full service Web development including concept, site design, technical programming and site architecture.

Custom Application Programming and Development
Concept and design, technical build in all major development languages; enable existing and/or developing database systems for use on the Internet; Security for controlling access and usage.

Existing site re-build
Re-organization, updates, re-programming and modification of existing Web sites.

Electronic Commerce
From one product to 10,000, we provide tailored e-commerce solutions for every business size and program. Applications for use in business-to-business and business-to consumer Internet environments. Integration with existing and/or developing Web sites; Integration with local accounting and inventory control systems; Payment processing and order fulfillment.

Visitor experience engineering
Site traffic direction, service or product promotion, feedback delivery, statistical reporting and translation, user group research.

Ground-up project management
Dedicated management for all aspects of the Web site project from project inception to launch.

Specialized Applications

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Forum Packages
  • Blog Portals and Communities
  • Dynamic database-driven Web sites

Client Site Management
Many Apex Atlanta' clients retain the agency on a long-term basis to provide management, support and administration of their Internet-based operations. By utilizing this service, clients are insured continued support, maintenance, updates and needs assessments. From updates to Web site content to installation and setup of e-mail accounts, Client Site Management is a cost efficient method of having an "in-house" Internet services team without the overhead.

For more information about any of the services provided by Apex Atlanta, contact us.


Website Design
Our website design services include layout, graphic design, theme design, logo integration and image programming.
Apex Atlanta Web Design

Apex Atlanta understands ecommerce. Building, supporting and managing ecommerce-enabled websites since 1999.
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Apex Atlanta utilizes proven SEO and optimization techniques to increase visibility in search engine results.
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